Why TAYA ?

We provide a faster reach to our clients around the world, with quality speed and great flexibility. Our services are various, and we intend to serve our customers to the fullest.


Taya Smart Services Company, since 2018 for logistics services. Accredited by the Malaysian authorities in 2020, has branches in Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt providing its services to all over the world.


Taya Smart is engaged in the import and export of goods, characterized by a wide scope of service and a qualified team in the field of import and export .





  • مصطفى

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  • احمد

    الشركة ممتازة وخبره عالية وخدمة عملاء قمة في الاخلاق وفوق هذا سرعة التوصيل شكرا لكم .

  • منيرة

    يعطيكم العافية اشكركم جدا على تعاملكم الحلو والراقي وان شاء الله مو آخر تعامل لي معاكم